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you have builtintegrated landed builtintegrated web page because you either want to stand up to hurry with what DDR pc reminiscence is or you’re bang built-inbuiltintegrated middle of integrated improve your pc however stuck what to do. well you already know what? you have probable landed on a web page which could assist!

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DDR stands for Double data price and is an more suitable (quicker) shape of SDRAM (Synchronous Dynamic Random get admission to memory). built-in reality all laptops offered these days built-in the ones bought considerbuiltintegrated circa 2002 use a given (older or more moderen) model of DDR pc memory. positioned it built-in plabuiltintegrated English DDR memory is quicker than popular SDRAM because it is able to transfer built-information on each the fallbuilt-ing and risbuiltintegrated area of every clock cycle and subsequently the ‘double’ integrated its call. there’s simply no cause you should built-in mbuiltintegrated this however just notice that built-in case youintegrated ever see DDR SDRAM stated everywhere, make certabuiltintegrated to appreciate that is the precise identical built-in as built-in vanilla DDR.