regardless of the cards held and his cards aren’t exposed to anyone.

All besides two gamers fold and one of the final two players at their flip will pay for a display. In this example, the playing cards of both gamers are uncovered and compared and the participant with the better hand wins. If each gamers have the same hand, the participant who did not ask for the display wins.


A display cannot occur till all however two players have dropped out.

The modern-day stake is the guess positioned with the aid of the participant who bet earlier than you.

if you are a blind participant

If the other player is blind, you could ask for a show for the present day stake.

If the opposite participant is seen, you may ask for a show for 1/2 the current stake.

In both case, you do now not get to look at your own playing cards until after you have paid for the show.

in case you are a visible participant

If the other participant is blind, you can ask for a show for two times the contemporary stake.

If the alternative participant is seen, you may ask for a show for the present day stake.

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In a display, each gamers’ playing cards are exposed, and the player whose hand is higher ranking wins the pot. If the arms are identical, the participant who did no longer pay for the display wins the pot.

Sideshow (Compromise):you could handiest ask for a compromise in case you and the player that bet before you are each gambling visible. The participant can be given or decline your sideshow request. in case you don’t have sufficient money to in shape the present day bet, you can’t ask for a sideshow.

If the sideshow request is popular, the 2 gamers worried privately evaluate their cards, and the player with the decrease hand is pressured to fold.