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According to scientific research, each person perceives these or other sounds in different ways, so choosing the overhead best bluetooth headphones often turns into a controversial moment. One does not have enough bass saturation, others, on the contrary, it seems that the music sounds too loud and rolling. First of all, this is due to the difference in the structure of the auditory canals, the perception of space, age, sex, etc. But we tried today to make the top overhead headphones, from which everyone will choose their future favorite.

There are no perfect headphones for everyone – each model needs to “try it on” in person, listen, include various tracks – with powerful bass and high frequencies, and only then make a purchase. If this is not possible, it is recommended to buy overhead headphones from more well-known manufacturers, of a certain type, it does not have to be expensive headphones, it is possible to find good inexpensive headphones with a pleasant sound.

Fidelio F1

Contrary to the stereotypes that good overhead headphones are cumbersome and inconvenient for mobile use, Fidelio F1 are compact. The headphones come complete with a suede handbag, in which they can easily be transported to any place, where the player will also fit if necessary.

Fidelio F1 can be used as a headset by connecting a 1.2 meter cable with the presence of a microphone and a button that also comes with the kit. Lying on the couch and enjoying the music, just press the button to answer the call.

In this model, the compactness and reliability of the structure are successfully combined. The rim along its entire length has a leather trim, so the headphones sit well on the head, providing a high-quality sound, while not crushing or causing any inconvenience.

The peculiarity of this model in the unique fastening of the cups is that they are adjustable in any direction, while the mechanism is difficult to damage, so it is reliable.see best noise cancelling headphones 

best bluetooth headphones


  • compactness;
  • lightweight design;
  • unique and reliable fastening cups;
  • convenient adjustment;
  • objective transmission of sound;
  • good sound insulation;
  • availability of carrying bag for transportation.


  • unreliable fixing of the rim on the head;
  • slight distortion of sound at medium frequencies due to porous cushions;
  • slight interference with the use of a microphone.

Koss KSC17

Best Bluetooth headphones have long and firmly held leading positions in the ranking of the best overhead headphones, and are very popular among fans of high-quality sound. At the same time, users often complained about certain inconveniences in practical terms – both the rim and the arches did not differ in particular comfort, were rigid and unyielding in the mounts.

With the advent of the updated model KSC17, the situation changed dramatically for the better – soft rubberized elements appeared in the design of the headphones. Also, thanks to a change in the angle of attachment of the cups and the bow, the headphones have become much more comfortable – after several hours of continuous listening to music there is no pressure on the ears or the back of the head.

Particularly, this model will appeal to people who lead an active lifestyle. In the new Koss KSC17 there are several points of reliable attachment to the head, so you can not be afraid that the headphones will fall, even with fairly sharp movements.


  • the presence of comfortable soft elements on the bow and cups;
  • strong fixation on the head;
  • The presence of ventilation holes, at the same time softening the pressure of sound;
  • quality sound (membrane increased to 25 mm);
  • excellent low frequency transmission;
  • clean and volumetric averages and high frequencies.


  • insufficient soundproofing;
  • not reinforced cable;
  • uncomfortable shape of the plug.
  • Best Bluetooth Headphones

So you can not be afraid that the best Bluetooth headphones will fall, even with fairly sharp movements.