Symptoms of allergies in dogs

Symptoms of allergies in dogs

Allergy in dogs

Dogs react to allergies differently to as humans do. The symptoms of allergies in the online dog trainer usually itching and other skin related problems. These reactions occur in mast cells.

In humans, they tend to be concentrated in the respiratory tract, but in dogs (and cats), most are located in areas of the skin. For this reason can be to develop different areas with itching, redness and inflammation in your dogs.

The same kind of irritants that affect humans can also affect dogs. Suspended particles such as powder House or pollen from plants can cause the same displeasure. Normally the skin problems occur in frontal areas around the face, head, and legs.

Dogs are also susceptible to arising from food allergies. Some food products usually used in brand names of food for dogs such as dyes and other chemical additives may also cause allergy symptoms. Such irritants are worse once have been ingested.

Dogs will wipe the face, will begin to lick the legs and can often suffer inflammations in the front of the body areas. In addition, the reaction will be larger if dust or pollen also attack his coat. In more severe cases, even these particles can be absorbed through the skin.

The areas of the pads of the feet are also a key site where you can develop a reaction. In this area is an abundant amount of blood vessels, both on the surface of the pads and between the toes.

One of the quick remedies that we can provide in these cases our dogs is to give them a bath of cold water (hot water can aggravate the symptoms of itching). A good soak in cold water for 15-20 minutes will offer our dog fast relief from itching and lower inflammation. This mode would be treating the symptoms and not the causes, but at least provide some comfort and relief to our colleague.

We can also add oatmeal bath to relieve our dog’s skin even more. For this, we take a sock, fill it halfway oatmeal and attach it to the faucet, opening it slowly (low pressure).

When water is mixed with oatmeal into the sock it will create a solution that, in combination with cold water, will be very effective for skin-related problems (and applies us for us).

Also can give it supplements of essential fatty acids, which will help your dog’s skin and will provide the brightness to its layer in addition to many benefits anti-picor.

A natural source of omega-3 are the fish in cold water or fish oil. Omega-3 fatty acids provide many health benefits.

You can buy capsules fish oil and pour it over your dog food once a day.

The best way to eliminate allergies is to try to keep your dog from areas with a high concentration of pollen or mold particles. Spring and autumn bring the highest concentrations of these suspended particles, causing symptoms of irritation in dogs and humans. Keep your dog away from the areas of many flowers and plants and other wet areas that receive little light, can always help.