Why choose our technical translations?

Because we are able to offer a technical translation service with great experience in managing urgent translations in the most used languages. The quality of the result, thanks to the attention paid to every single customer at every stage of the translation process, the execution speed due to maximum flexibility in defining the timing of construction and reliability over the terms of delivery and formatting agreed upon are the advantages we offer. In three words caution, speed and reliability.

The importance of technical translations

The manuals of fundamental importance in the technical field: any machine or device must have a manual to ensure proper operation, use and maintenance. In addition, various European regulations stipulate inter alia the commitment to translate into various languages all the technical documentation for a product or equipment for the purpose of its marketing abroad.

Technical translations require then expertise and specialization, as well as adequate knowledge and vocabulary relevant to several areas treated in order to produce a product that meets the original requirements and that it is qualitatively adequate, clear and understandable.

The BW technical translation Translations

To ensure excellent quality, we carefully select the professionals we work with, we choose only translators with expertise in the specific field, who know the appropriate terminology and with which you can establish long relationships collaboration.

It is precisely in the field of highly specialized technical translations that we express our utmost competence. We offer technical online translation services to businesses, industries, builders and technical studies and charts, specialized in the production and presentation of manuals, catalogs and brochures.


Here are the areas where we have great experience:

  • Mechanic
  • Plumber
  • Electric
  • Naval
  • Aerospace

In particular as regards:

  • Technical files
  • Technical drawings in CAD
  • Booklets and manuals user/operator
  • Manuals for repair and maintenance user/operator
  • Specifications and product data sheets
  • Wiring diagrams
  • Assembly diagrams